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CDSC helps to empower businesses to thrive through strategic insights

and actionable solutions across the business functions

Cultivating Excellence,

Fostering Growth

Strategic Planning | Process Optimization
Organizational Development | Continuous Improvement 
Client-Centric Approach | Industry Expertise | Sustainable Growth

Elevate Your Excellence:Guiding Organizations to Stay Ahead

Business Assessment Framework, European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model

The Business Assessment Framework is indispensable for mature organizations seeking to maintain competitiveness in today's dynamic landscape. At our firm, we specialize in guiding organizations through the implementation of BEF, ensuring alignment with industry standards and best practices. With our expertise, businesses can cultivate a culture of excellence, driving continual improvement and sustained success in an ever-evolving market.

Business Excellence Framework 

Business Excellence Framework is important for every matured organisation to keep abreast of Competition, we help in implementation.

Our Philosophies and Approach

Innovative Solutions for Every Business Challenge

Business Continuity and  Improvement

Retail Business needs continuous monitoring and dynamic responsive system to stay relevant with market trend and stay ahead of competition.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Business Process Re-Engineering is a must for every organisation, it helps to review and assess their potential. We help our clients with industry best practices, optimise their resources and maximise profit margin.

Connecting Dots Startegic Consulting

Unlocking Potential,

Maximizing Growth

During course of business, when the clients witness there is scope of improvement and a pressing need to perform, they depend on CDSC to address the issue in a systematic and process driven approach. we work with our clients on Task Oriented and Time Bound.

CSDC's Strategy | People | Process | Technology

Business Excellence Framework

  • Strategy – Create long term vision, mission statement, business objectives, operational goals, Key Performance Indicators, Measuring Parameters, Governance and Control System

  • People – Nurture employees to deliver their Best, align job role and environment which suits their traits to motivate for higher productivity

  • Process – Speed and Accuracy is the key for every process, efficiency is the output to measure.  

  • Technology – Digitization > Digitalization > Digital Transformation is the new shift which keeps business scalable.

Cultivate Service DNA Training has enabled our Customer Service Team to go Extra Mile for Servicing our Customer. Its has helped us on getting Higher C-Sat Score.

Head L&D

Computer Age Management Services[CAMS], Chennai

Establishing KPIs for our Sales Associates in our Showroom have helped us in monitoring performance and increased our business growth.

Management Team,

The Chennai Silks, Chennai

Srini has been instrumental in Initiation ISO Process, Organization Chart finalization, Implementing Key Performance Indicators, Modelling & Executing Change Management, Leadership Development Program, Cascade MD’s Vision & Business Objectives towards down the line and Contributory work for Prestigious awards for the Company.


Managing Director, CKR Group, Singapore

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Partners & Associations

Industry Standard

Our Belief System

Right Strategy, with passionate people and Efficient Process will definitely lead to Better Results
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