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About Us

Your most trusted Business Consulting Partners for Revenue Growth,
Business Excellence and Sustainability. Empowering businesses to thrive
through strategic guidance and tailored solutions. Your partner in navigating
complexities and achieving sustainable growth

Ideal Partner for Strategic Business Growth

Connecting Dots Strategic Consulting (CDSC) is a reputed Management Consulting Firm, helps its clients to strategize their Organization to achieve Higher Market Share, Increased Revenue and Enhance Customer Satisfaction.

Decades of Expertise 

Our Team has more than 40 Years of Experience in Domestic and International Markets, across multiple industries and verticals., mix of Management, Finance and Legal Professionals.

Comprehensive Guidance

We guide Organization on Business Strategy>Planning>Execution, Organization Development Intervention {like implementing BSC, KPI, OKR, HRM, SOP development , CEM, Process Re-Engineering} Finance Restructuring, Audit, and Business Turnaround.

Standard & Compliance

ISO Implementation & Audit >> ISO Implementation & Audit – We help in equipping our clients organization for ISO preparedness, Implementation, GAP Analysis, Process Efficiency, TQM, TPM, Resolving Non-Compliance and Certification.

When do we step in,

During course of business, when the clients witness there is scope of improvement and a pressing need to perform, they depend on CDSC to address the issue in a systematic and process driven approach. we work with our clients on Task Oriented and Time Bound.


> Profit Margin

> Employee Productivity

> Organisation Performance

> Customer Service

> Market Competition

Why Us, Our Values

•C – Competent – Our competent team is a catalyst, they are mix of Academic Knowledge, Professionals acumen, Subject Matter Expertise and Industry Experience in solving business challenges.

•D – Dedicate –  We deploy dedicated  resources on projects and drive for performance. Our unique methodology enables our Consultants to understand our Client’s requirements better, strategize the process by shouldering the responsibilities to drive clients Business Goals & Objectives.

•S – Strategy – Every client requirement is unique, so as our Strategy is developed with mix of their values, which helps to outperform from competition.

•C – Candour – Our  transparent  process helps our Clients to understand the efforts taken and review the progress. 

•Internship – If you are in Final Year of Graduation and would like to enhance your skills with industry knowledge, Please visit our office during working during weekdays between 10Am to 5Pm.

•Project Assignment – If your academic study demands, Field knowledge, we can guide you to accomplish, Please visit our office during working during weekdays between 10Am to 5Pm.

•Management Consultant –  If You feel Management Consulting gives Job Satisfaction, Learning and Career Growth, then Please walk-in with your CV to our office during weekdays between 10Am to 5Pm.

•StartUp – Are you obsessed with Creative Ideas and Innovation, wanted to explore entrepreneurship, Please reach out to us, we shall help you with Workspace, Connecting with Industry Experts, Networking and Seed Funding.

Career Prospects

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