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Flagship Programs

Our flagship programs are meticulously crafted to drive transformative change, offering comprehensive solutions in strategic planning, process optimization, and organizational development. From innovative growth strategies to operational excellence initiatives, we deliver tailored programs designed to propel businesses toward success.

MSME Booster

A six month program for MSME Units on Capability Development  & Capacity Enhancement.   They need curated approach, as majorly run by founders for more than 3 decades.

KPI Implementation

A three year program  for Organisation,  We help organisation in implementing Business Objectives, establishing KPI, Performance Management, Audit & Governance

Customer Experience Management

A eight month program for established Brands on reinforcing their purpose and existence to their customers, we help brands to map their values in Customer Experience at every touchpoints and every interaction. Every brand is unique in their approach, we help them to identify “Sweet Spots” in their approach and plan for “BrainTattoo” in every interaction with customers, there by desired NPS is achieved

FMCG Retail Business Growth

A eight month program, where we help retail brands to attract Walk-In and Online Store Traffic, Lead Management, Revenue Growth, Service Strategy, Employee Productivity, Digital Transformation.

Metric Pro - Customer First

Cloud based SAAS Platform which delivers macro level dashboard for management team to measure real-time Customer Experience and help the management team to take decisions better.

CEO as Service (CaaS)

CEO as a Service is a  Online support program to clients, we help by reviewing their business on Weekly / Monthly from the point of CEO.  Our unique support system, help customers to understand nuances of their business, improve on revenue and enhance employee productivity , which results in Organization Performance.

Ninety Day Program designed to  uplift  a Non-Performing company which has genuine Management Issues, Conflicts.  We have developed a 360 Degree Assessment, which will help in identifying the areas of improvement and we address those gaps on war foot.  We analyze, assess the area of challenge and rectify system &  process depend on business scenario.  our “90Days Business Turnaround” program have helped many organization to ascertain their positions in their markets and carefully navigated to avoid NPA Trap.

90 Days

Business Turnaorund

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